Sukkot 2024 Dates: Everything You Need to Know

Mark Your Calendars: Sukkot Dates!

Get ready to build your Sukkah, hang those decorations , and stock up on your arba minim ( the Four Kinds ), because Sukkot 2024 is just around the corner! Here’s your guide to all the dates you need to know:

First Day of Sukkot Begins: Sundown October 16,

Second Day of Sukkot Begins: Sundown October 17, 2024

NOTE: In Israel, only the first day of Sukkot is celebrated until nightfall on October 17, at which point chol hamoed begins.

Chol HaMoed Begins: Nightfall October 18, 2024 until sundown on October 23, 2024

Shemini Atzeret Begins: Sundown October 23

Simchat Torah Begins: Sundown October 24

NOTE: In Israel, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah are celebrated on the same day, beginning sundown, October 23.

Jewish Calendar: Days Begin at Night

In the Jewish calendar, the fun starts at sundown the night before! So, when you see a holiday date above, remember it begins at sundown on the secular date listed, with the following day being the first full day of celebration. And of course, Jewish calendar dates conclude at nightfall. Simple as that!

This means, Sukkot 2024 begins at sunset on October 16, 2024 and ends at nightfall on October 23, 2024.

How Sukkot's Days Are Celebrated

The first two days of Sukkot are full-fledged holidays – no work allowed from sundown on day one until nightfall two days later. After that, it's Chol Hamoed: work is permitted, but with some restrictions. The grand finale of Sukkot is Hoshanah Rabbah. But don’t relax just yet – Sukkot rolls right into Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah for more celebration!

So, grab your planner, set those reminders, and prepare for a Sukkot filled with joy, unity, and a whole lot of celebrating. Chag sameach!