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Best-Selling Sieger Sukkah

Your 4 most important questions answered:

Yes! Ask any of our customers how they feel about us - they'll all have one thing in common: a great experience. It's no shock that the majority of our new customers are from referrals.

What sets us apart? We always make it right & we have a fully staffed phone line so you always have someone available to help with whatever comes up.

Fair. You will not overpay at The Sukkah Store. Our prices are on the lower end of the market, especially with our promotions!

We are not a "cheap" Sukkah brand. Our priority is providing good value rather than just low prices and to never compromise on quality.

Remember, two Sukkahs are NOT better than one.

Yes, 100%. We manufacture all of our Sukkah components, A-Z, so we have full control over our quality and make sure everything is up to par.

We're so confident you'll love your Sukkah that we guarantee it for a full 5 years!

Our Sukkah Bundles come with everything you need & we mean everything! Including the frame, walls, Schach Bamboo Mats & even the Bamboo Support Poles to hold up the Schach! Other companies make you go to Home Depot or lumber stores to get support poles and a whole shopping list!

We also offer a super-convenient storage bag (which fits your entire Sukkah) to make your life easier!

A Comfortable Sukkah, No Matter the Weather

Sieger Sukkah

The Classic Sieger Sukkah - Shockingly simple to build!
Our best-selling Sukkah since 1997.

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Open Air Sukkah

The Sukkah that takes the heat - so you dont have to!
Enjoy a cool & refreshing Sukkah experience

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Details Matter

The New & Improved Deluxe Sukkah

Our Keynote Sukkah - Designed with you in mind, for a comfortable and unforgettable Sukkah experience.

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The Pop-Up Travel Sukkah

Take your Chol Hamoed trips to the next level with the ultra-portable and convenient Travel Sukkah! Up in seconds & weighs less than 10 lbs!

Everything Included

Complete Sukkah Kits

The only Sukkah company offering complete Sukkah Kits - including the Schach Bamboo Support Poles - Shipped right to your door! Completely hassle-free!

Jerusalem Harova - Alex Levin The Canopy - Yaeli Vogel Lost in the Blossoms - Chaya Toron Like One Man with One Heart - Esther Pollak Walk in Jerusalem - Shifra Scheinman

Sukkah Decorations

As Unique as You

Brighten up your Sukkah with beautiful Sukkah Artwork from our world renown artist partners!

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A Sukkah is a temporary outdoor structure that is constructed during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Sukkahs are symbolic of the clouds of glory that accompanied and protected the Jewish Nation when they left Egypt.

A Sukkah Kit is an all in one kit that includes all the necessary components and materials to build a Sukkah, a temporary outdoor structure used during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Yes, all of our Sukkahs are designed to withstand normal weather conditions. It's important to follow the assembly instructions carefully and take necessary precautions, such as securing the Sukkah and Schach Bamboo Mats during extremely windy weather. We also offer water weights to help keep your Sukkah secure during windstorms.

Sukkah Assembly

We're proud to offer the easiest to build Sukkahs for sale - with easy to follow instructions & intuitive designs.

We pride ourselves on having the easiest Sukkah Kits to assemble! Simple instructions (with images) and no tools needed, you’ll have it up in no time. No construction experience needed at all. Spend more time decorating & enjoy a stress-free Sukkot!

Assembly time varies, depending on the size of the Sukkah and how many people are building it. The smaller sizes can go up in under an hour without much difficulty. The larger sizes can take up to a few hours, depending on how large and how many people set up.

While it’s possible to assemble on your own, having an extra pair of hands can make the process quicker and more convenient. We definitely recommend having another person there to help.

Sukkah Shipping & Delivery - Fast & Convenient

During the Sukkot Season, we can generally ship orders the very same day they come in. If an order is placed later in the day, it usually ships the next day. Once shipped, it's delivered within 2-5 days to the USA & 4-8 days to Canada.

Most of our orders are delivered by UPS to ensure an on-time delivery and an easy experience for you. Your Sukkah will generally be packaged separately from your Schach.

As soon as your Sukkah ships, you'll receive an email with tracking information. You can keep tabs on your Sukkah right up until it's delivered right to your door.

Thousands of Sukkahs Sold


Sitting inside the Sukkah was such a delight. The space was cozy with our son's decorations, and the ambiance was perfect. I'm already looking forward to next year's Sukkot!

Keren S.

Montreal, QC


I love this Sukkah Kit! It’s got an elegance to it, and a really clean look. Love the open feel of it, and I never felt cramped, even after long meals in there.

Jacob W.

Baltimore, MD


I couldn't be happier with our decision to get the Open Air Sukkah. We live in Florida, and in the past, Sukkos has been such a struggle with the heat. With the mesh walls, we were sitting comfortably in our Sukkah and were finally able to enjoy the holiday. Thank you guys for such a wonderful product!

Rachel L.

Miami, FL


The pieces went together easily, and under an hour, we had the whole Sukkah up! Definitely hassle-free. Highly recommended!

Yoni P.

Los Angeles, CA


Having this Sukkah made preparing for Sukkos way more stress-free. My husband and I had no trouble setting it up ourselves - with a little “help” from our kids of course. Honestly, the best part is how easily it stores! We ordered the bag with it and the whole Sukkah is now sitting in a closet. Such a breeze!

Sarah K.

New York, NY

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