What is a Pop Up Sukkah?

“Lightweight Sukkah,” “Travel Sukkah,” “Portable Sukkah,” “Pop-Up Sukkah.” Are you feeling confused yet?

No need – the difference is actually quite simple.

In this short read, we’ll break down:

  • What a Pop-Up Sukkah is
  • If a Pop-Up Sukkah is kosher
  • What to look for when buying a Pop-Up Sukkah (and why it’s the best thing since sliced kugel)
  • Sukkology: What to do with your Pop-Up Sukkah

What's unique about a Pop Up Sukkah?

Remember that befuddling list of Sukkah terms from the top of this article?

Lightweight, travel, and portable Sukkahs ALL require some assembly. By contrast, a Pop-Up Sukkah lives up to its name — it literally pops up in one swift motion,  leaving you amazed and ready to add the Schach on top before your neighbors can even get their Sukkahs out of the carry bag!. Check out the magic in motion here .

Is a Pop Up Sukkah Kosher?

To answer that, we’ll first need to list what makes any kind of Sukkah kosher.

The requirements are:

  1. Minimum measurements of 7 Tefachim (handbreadths) in length by 7 Tefachim in width and 10 Tefachim in height. This roughly corresponds to 22”x22”x32” – a place large enough to accommodate at least one person.
  2. There’s no maximum width, but there is a maximum height of 20 Amot, corresponding to 31′ 6″ (so feel free to build your custom Sukkah , wide enough for the neighbors to start wondering if you’re building a small football stadium).
  3. The Schach (roofing of the Sukkah) must be constructed in a way that provides more shade than sun, and be of natural materials that grow from the ground, are detached from the ground, and do not receive tum’ah (impurity) – we’ll explain how you know if your Schach meets these important conditions in the verdict below).
  4. The walls of the Sukkah must be rigid enough to withstand a normal wind. This is the most relevant when it comes to Pop Up Sukkahs since they are generally made from malleable materials. Look for a Pop Up that has reinforced walls and pegs that will anchor it to the ground.
  5. The Sukkah must not be stolen, or it’s not kosher.

The Verdict: Is a Pop-Up Sukkah Kosher?

Yes – Provided it meets the length, width, and height requirements as well as the requirements mentioned above …and that it wasn’t ‘borrowed’ from your neighbor Naftali in the middle of the night without him noticing. It’s also important to make sure that the Schach comes with a proper kosher certification, confirming all the requirements we mentioned in point 4. have been met (ours carry the OU Mehadrin certification).

What to look for when buying a Pop-Up Sukkah

Now that you have the basic Halachic (Jewish Law) requirements covered, now it’s about the bells and whistles!

Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Portable Powerhouse: Fits into a suitcase for sukkah travel-adventures on the fly.
  • Featherweight Champion: Lighter than a feather boa (well, almost).
  • Windows for Days: Windows on every side for prime Sukkah sightseeing.
  • Built Tough: Sturdy enough to withstand some wind, thanks to ground pegs and a reinforced construction.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Comes with everything but the kitchen sink (including Kosher-certified Schach, bamboo poles for the Schach, and carry cases for both the Sukkah and Schach).

Sound good? Then join the army of others who already pop up, pop down, and celebrate Sukkot like a pro with a travel Pop-Up Sukkah .

Sukkology: What to Do with Your Pop-Up Sukkah

It Can Be on a Camel, a Ship or…a Truck!

The Talmud discusses building a Sukkah aboard a ship, wagon, or even on the back of a camel. The 20th century saw the rise of the Sukkah-Mobile, perched on the bed of a pickup truck. And in the 21st century, Pedi-Sukkahs, mounted on tricycles, have become a feature of Jewish life in urban areas.

It is a mitzvah to eat all meals in the Sukkah (a ‘meal’ is defined as more than two ounces of grains — e.g. bread, cake, pasta). So, for people who don’t have their own Sukkah, traveling around with yours, to let them sit in it and fulfill this mitzvah is a classic win-win – a mitzvah for you and a mitzvah for them!


No Sukkah at work? No problem. Just take along your Pop-Up Sukkah. Up in seconds. Have a snack. Down in seconds. And on to your next meeting. You've got a portable Sukkah in a bag.

No Genie-in-a-Bottle, Introducing: Travel-Sukkah-in-a-Case

Your ultimate travel buddy for Sukkot vacation. Just like a genie, this portable Sukkah magically pops out of its carry bag whenever you command it, ready to create a cozy space for your snacking. And when it's time to move on, poof! It disappears back into its bottle, making Sukkot travels a breeze.

Last But Not Least: “Honey, I shrunk the Sukkah”

Space a bit of a kvetch? Time to crack out your Pop-Up Sukkah. Fitting into the tightest of spots like a champ, once the party's over, just stash it in the closet for next year!