Crossing the Sea - Yaeli Vogel
Crossing the Sea - Yaeli Vogel

Crossing the Sea - Yaeli Vogel

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Size: 56 x 73 inches

From Yaeli:

My soul has come to this world to paint. I tried to fight it for years but I have come back to the same point over and over again. 'Just paint...! There you’ll find happiness, purpose, and a sense of aliveness', so I do. When I paint, time stops, the world opens up and life feels abundant. I feel elated by the colors, the movement, the strokes. All the emotions that lie just under my surface, reveal themselves on the canvas. I take the darkness that I’ve experienced in my life, churn it with my paints and brushes and create light and beauty. My aching heart breeds creation. I dislike feeling the array of negative human emotions, but am so deeply grateful to be able to elevate them into the spiritual realm, having them echo on your walls. My work whispers, creating impact that will live on with time. They go straight out of my heart and I hope…into yours.

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About the Artist

Yaeli Vogel

Yaeli Vogel is an Israeli born artist, now based in New York, who has been painting for most of her life. As the years have progressed, Yaeli has grown her business tenfold, from painting in her laundry room to selling millions of dollars of art and Judaica over her professional career.
She now paints and operates her own storefront, titled Yaeli, The Gallery, located in Cedarhurst, New York. The walls of the gallery are adorned with some of her greatest works available for viewing to the public. Yaeli's art serves as a catalyst for connection and inspiration within her local community and beyond.

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