Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin
Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin
Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin
Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin
Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin

Schach Bamboo Mats - Kosher Mehadrin

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  • Fast Nationwide Delivery
  • OU Certified: Kosher Mehadrin Schach
  • Free Storage Bag Included
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Kosher LeMehadrin - כשר למהדרין

Upgrade your Sukkah this year with a new Mehadrin Bamboo Schach Mat! Our Schach mats are woven with 100% completely natural unprocessed raffia thread, making them Kosher L’Mehadrin for your Sukkah! Each mat comes in a great storage bag, making carrying and storing them easy and convenient! Our durable yet lightweight materials make these Schach easy to install while ensuring that you’ll be able to use them for years to come! With our variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect Schach mat for your sukkah!

Key Features:

  1. OU Certified - Kosher L’Mehadrin
  2. 100% Natural Materials
  3. Convenient Storage Bag
  4. Durable and Lightweight

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Quality Weave

Sukkah Mats You Can Trust

Our bamboo mats are woven with quality bamboo & raffia that is made to last. Why should you have to buy Schach for your Sukkah every year? Save time & money by getting your Schach from us. It’ll last you for years to come!

100% Natural

Kosher Mehadrin Schach

If you’re going to do something, do it right. We make sure that your bamboo mats for your Sukkah are 100% Kosher Mehadrin Certified by The Orthodox Union. When you sit in your Sukkah, you can be sure that everything is completely up to par - comfort, style, & halacha!

Simplicity & Convenience

Easy Half Sizes

We listen to your feedback - and we redesigned our larger mats to be easier to handle. Say hello to our new Schach Mats - Half the weight and half the headache! Easily lift and roll your Schach Mats onto your Sukkah roof with our new half sizes!

No Compromises

Lightweight, Durable Weave

Save your workout for the gym! Putting up your Schach should be as easy as making a coffee. By using quality, lightweight Schach materials without compromising on durability, we’ve ensured that you’ll have no trouble at all setting up your Sukkah!

Clean & Easy

Convenient Storage Bag

All of our Schach Mats come with a super convenient carry & storage bag to make your life easier! When Sukkot is over, easily roll your bamboo mat and tuck it into its storage bag to keep it fresh and clean for the following year. Schach has never been so easy!

New, Clean Stock

Premium Looking Schach Mats

We use only the highest quality bamboo - and manufacture new stock annually - so you receive only the best looking and longest lasting Schach Mats. Give your Sukkah a fresh look with some brand new premium Bamboo Schach Mats!


Schach refers to the natural roofing material used to cover the Sukkah. It is typically made from bamboo mats or other organic materials like palm leaves.
Our Schach Bamboo Mats are high-quality, durable, lightweight, and reusable from year to year.

All of our Schach Mats come with a convenient storage bag that you can use to keep your Schach clean and fresh for the coming years.

"Mehadrin" refers to a higher level of stringency in Jewish law. In the case of a Mehadrin Schach Bamboo Mat, it means that the mat meets specific requirements outlined in Jewish law to ensure its suitability for use in fulfilling the religious obligations of the Sukkah.

Fast Schach Delivery, Right to Your Door

Get your schach in a matter of days with no-hassle delivery right to your door. No more shlepping!

We can generally ship your Schach the very same day that you order. Once shipped, it should arrive within 2-4 days for orders in the USA. For international Sukkah orders, delivery times range from 4-8 days

Most of our orders are delivered by UPS to ensure an on-time delivery and an easy experience for you. Your Schach will generally be packaged together in one box (if you order multiple at once).

As soon as your Schach ships, you'll receive an email with tracking information. You can keep tabs on your Schach up until it's delivered right to your door.

Storing my Schach

When Sukkot is over, store your Schach well to ensure that they'll last you for years.

We recommend storing your Schach in a cool, dry environment - away from the sun - to ensure their longevity. Use your included storage bag and make sure that they are dry before putting them away.

Before packing away your Schach Mats, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Once they're dry, we recommend spraying an anti-mold spray before storing them for the year.

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