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  • Local Pickup
  • In-Person Samples
  • Seforim & Judaica
The Deluxe Sukkah

Our Most Popular Sukkah in Los Angeles

  • Great premium feel
  • Lots of windows, great for LA weather
  • Traditional Sukkah look with modern touches
  • Magnetic screen door to keep the bugs out

Los Angeles - The Mitzvah Store Information

7227 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Store Hours:

Sunday: 11am-6pm
Monday-Thursday: 12pm-6pm
Friday: 11am-2pm

Come see the sample anytime!

(323) 827-8932

What our customers have to say:


Yes, it's really a ONE person job (at least for the 10x10). The frame was up in no time. Honestly great product, easy to set, easy to take down. And I'm sure it will serve us for many years.

Thierry S.

Philadelphia, PA


I ordered a pop up sukkah and it was as advertised. The service is exceptional. They overdelivered on their promise and it arrived as they said it would. I would highly recommend The Sukkah Store.

Shmuel G.

Houston, TX


Sitting inside our Sukkah was such a delight this year. The space was cozy with my kid's decorations, and the ambiance was perfect for spending quality time with our family and friends. I'm already looking forward to our next year's Sukkot!

Debby, K.

Los Angeles, CA


Not only do we love our new Sukkah, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the service from everyone at The Sukkah Store. Highly recommended.

Leslie D.

Bethlehem, NH


My sukkah from the Sukkah Store was so easy to put up. It was beautiful and sturdy. It held up through wind and rain. The tapestry I got enhanced the beauty of my sukkah even more.

June K.

Brooklyn, NY


This Sukkah is the easiest to assemble. Call with any questions - the people were very helpful.

Lisa M.

Highland Park, NJ


We got a customer service center which answers their phone, speak English, and did everything they could to make our experience their #1 priority. I tell everyone who is looking for their own Sukkah, to come here and only here for their own.

Don P.

Jacksonville, NC

Los Angeles Sukkah Information...

We take into account weather, storage needs, overall design, and more so we can design the best Sukkah that we can for you - in your city!

We can vouch for all of our Sukkahs, but if you're looking for our opinion on the best Sukkah in Los Angeles, now you've got it.

Here's a few specific reasons that the Deluxe Sukkah is so popular:

  • Great premium feel
  • Lots of windows, great for LA weather
  • Traditional Sukkah look with modern touches
  • Magnetic screen door to keep the bugs out

Any more questions? Give us a call, and you'll have answers in no time.

Yes, 100% - We have a sample Sukkah outside of our store that you can come see anytime!

We've also got tons of decorations, seforim, and lots of Judaica products you can come check out when you get here.

Yes, we do. Please give us a heads up - or let us know when you place your order so we can make sure it's ready for you when you arrive.

The Mitzvah Store has a massive selection of seforim, kids books, quality Judaica, tzitzis, and all sorts of things that you'll love.

Looking for a gift for Sukkot or another holiday? This is definitely the spot for you!

About The Sukkah Store

Fast Delivery

Order from us & have your Sukkah delivered anywhere in the Los Angeles area quickly and conveniently!

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Questions, concerns, or just to chat - we've got a fully staffed phone line. & we'd love to hear from you!

Make Sukkot Easy

Convenience & ease - from buying to building and finally to storing - our Sukkahs are second to none!

Did you know that there's a carnival on Pico Blvd every Sukkot?

Every Sukkot in Los Angeles, on one day of Chol Hamoed, there's a large parade and carnival on Pico Blvd - definitely worth your time - lots of fun for families and children! Check it out this year - & bring your Pop Up Sukkah along!

Jerusalem Harova - Alex Levin The Canopy - Yaeli Vogel Lost in the Blossoms - Chaya Toron Like One Man with One Heart - Esther Pollak Walk in Jerusalem - Shifra Scheinman

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Check out our beautiful Sukkah tapestries by Judaica artists & bring your sukkah to life!

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