Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Sukkah Kit?

A: A Sukkah Kit is an all in one kit that includes all the necessary components and materials to build a Sukkah, a temporary outdoor structure used during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. 

Q: What does the Sieger Sukkah Kit include?

A: Our Sukkah Kits come with everything needed, from A-Z. That includes the Sukkah frames, Sukkah walls, Bamboo Schach Mats, as well as the Bamboo Poles to support the Schach Mats. You have the option to get just the Sukkah - which comes with the Sukkah Frame and Sukkah Walls, or you can go for the full Sukkah Kit with everything included, A-Z. 

Q: Is the Sieger Sukkah Kit easy to assemble?

A: Yes! We pride ourselves on having the easiest Sukkah Kits to assemble! Simple instructions (with images) and no tools needed, you’ll have it up in no time. No construction experience needed at all. Spend more time decorating your Sukkah than building it with a Sieger Sukkah Kit!

Q: How long does it take to assemble?

A: Assembly time varies, depending on the size of the Sukkah. The smaller sizes can go up in about 30-45 minutes, very easily. The larger ones can take up to an hour or two. 

Q: Can I assemble the Sieger Sukkah Kit by myself, or do I need assistance?

A: While it’s possible to assemble on your own, having an extra pair of hands can make the process quicker and more convenient. We definitely recommend having another person there to help.