Your Complete Sukkah Kit Buying Guide

What is a Sukkah Kit?

Building a Sukkah (also written as succah) can be difficult. However, it becomes easier with a Sukkah Kit. Rather than going to several stores to gather all the materials you need, a Sukkah Kit has all the components that you need. Some companies will even deliver it right to your door, and some don’t even require tools!

Not all Sukkah Kits are created equal, so make sure you're getting a kit that has all of the features you need.

When you buy a Sukkah Kit, you should expect to receive all the Sukkah parts, pre-packaged for you and ready to go. Well-made Sukkah Kits should only take a few hours to assemble, depending on its size. It should have everything you need for an easier Sukkot Holiday: Convenience, Quality, Affordability, and Simplicity!

Here’s some guidance on how to select your perfect Sukkah Kit.

What does a Sukkah Kit include?

A Complete Sukkah Kit should include: 

  • Frame
  • Walls
  • Bamboo Schach Mats (or other Sukkah Roof)
  • Support Poles (for the roof)

Sturdy Frame:

The frame is the backbone of the Sukkah. Many different types of frames exist, but the main point is that it should be easy to assemble. Look for a Sukkah Kit that is not only simple but that also works for your climate.

Some Sukkah Kits come with heavy-duty steel poles, like ours, while others are made of PVC piping or lighter-grade metal. The frame needs to support the walls and schach, and also sturdy enough to withstand whatever weather comes your way (within reason)! Make sure that the Kit you select will work for the climate in your area.

Also remember that some Kits are easier to build than others. Some come with easy to connect poles and connectors while others require special tools to “snap” the pieces together. Others even require drilling and/or sawing to put them together. Look for a Kit that does not require any tools to make your life even easier.

Sukkah Walls:

Sukkah walls can be made of almost any material; fabric, canvas, wood, metal, or plastic. As long as it has 2 and a half walls, it’s a kosher Sukkah! You'll see many options such as water-proof canvas , mesh walls for increased air flow, or full coverage canvas walls that are water-resistant. Go with a company that offers a few options so that you can customize and even change it up year to year!

Also, think about how you will store your sukkah during the remainder of the year. You can fold and store fabric or canvas walls more easily than wood or hard plastic panels.

Schach (Roof Covering):

The covering for the Sukkah must be made from natural materials. For example, tree branches, palm fronds or bamboo mats which have become the most popular option. Our Sukkah Kits come with bamboo mats that are rolled out over support beams , for the easiest assembly. Schach comes in many different sizes and are customized to your sukkah size.

What’s great about bamboo mats is that they can be stored and used year after year. No need to run out and find fresh schach covering every year. Choose a company that provides quality bamboo mats that are woven with all natural materials so that it is Kosher (Mehadrin), lightweight, and made of quality, durable bamboo. It's best if the mat is certified kosher by a trusted Jewish agency like the Orthodox Union .

Support Poles:

To be considered kosher, the Schach mat needs to be supported by natural materials - for example, wooden beams or bamboo poles. Many companies do not include these poles so check carefully when purchasing a Kit so you don’t have any surprises. Instead of running out to buy your poles separately, look for a full Sukkah Kit that also includes the poles!


A quality Sukkah kit will provide you with step-by-step instructions so that even the inexperienced builder can have a stress-free experience. The instructions should have pictures and diagrams that help make the building easier and even fun! The best kits should be easy enough that your kids can help you put it together for a fun family activity.

Different Types of Sukkah Kits:

Traditional Wood Sukkah Kits:

Wooden Sukkah kits provide a sturdy and durable option that is based on the classic Sukkahs that people have used for many years. Most of these kits provide you with metal brackets that connect to beams and wood panels that you need to purchase at a lumber or hardware store separately.

These kits make it a little easier for you to create your own DIY Sukkah project. But if power tools, heavy and large plywood panels, and potential for splinters are not your thing, this may not be the right option for you!

Wooden Sukkahs also require more time to build and additional storage space after the Holiday. This option is by far the most time & work-intensive.

Panel Sukkahs:

Panel Sukkah Kits provide walls that are pre-measured and fitted with connectors to make the building process easier. The finished product is a more rigid structure that some prefer. Keep in mind that these kits require a little more time and manpower to assemble and then require substantial storage space after the holiday is over.

Pole and Canvas Sukkahs:

These kits come in many different styles and shapes. Some companies use lightweight PVC pipes for their frames while others use metal poles. Even within metal poles, look for the differences in material, color, shape, and durability. You'll find some kits made from heavier duty metals and others from cheaper, lighter metals.

Walls can also be made of different materials. You'll find water-proof canvas, lightweight mesh, and everything in between. Some companies use one big fabric to cover the whole frame, while others use separate panels for each wall.

Unlike the one piece canvas, individual wall panels allow you to expand your Sukkah easily without having to buy all new walls. Additionally, if one panel gets stained or ruined, you don’t have to replace the entire Sukkah, just the individual wall.

The advantage of pole and canvas kits is that they are lightweight and generally much easier to put up than wood sukkahs. The downside is that if you don’t get a kit from a reputable company, you may not be getting a good quality Sukkah. If you buy your Sukkah Kit from us, you'll also save space because our poles are no longer than 5 feet - allowing your entire sukkah to be stored in a compact bag.

Portable or Pop Up Sukkah Kits:

These are ideal for those with limited time or space or for those who are traveling. These kits are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble and come with a collapsible frame and pre-attached walls.

Pop-up sukkahs are ideal for day trips since you can put them up and take them down in a couple of minutes. Some, like ours, weigh under 10 pounds and fit into a small bag.

These Sukkahs are totally kosher as long as they are made properly. These are generally smaller for this reason. You should also look for one that comes with its own carry bag that can hold the whole sukkah including the schach mat and the support poles. This type of Sukkah is all about quick convenience!

What to Look for When Buying a Sukkah Kit:


We all look for quality in everything we purchase, and your Sukkah Kit should be no exception! A Sukkah is an important investment that will hopefully be used for many years, so you want to make sure you’re getting a high quality product. Don't settle for just any Sukkah for sale.

Look for quality materials that will elongate the life of your Sukkah. Your Sukkah should be durable for the week-long Holiday and also have a long lifespan.

Worried about weather? Choose a Sukkah that is constructed with sturdy walls that are made of heavy-duty materials so that a little rain and wind won’t ruin your Holiday!

Of course, Sukkahs don’t last forever and eventually, you will need to replace all or part of it, so look for a company that has a warranty and keeps extra parts in stock. When you need a replacement part, you should be able to reach out to someone who can help. Great customer service is often a great indication of a quality product.

Ease of Assembly:

Look for Sukkah kits that come with clear instructions and are easy to assemble. Setting up the Sukkah should be quick, allowing more time for decorating and cooking! The building should not require more than 2 people and should even be easy enough for kids to help. Buy a Sukkah that does not require power tools to assemble to avoid injuries as well.


Choose a sukkah that has the look and feel that appeals to you. Are you looking for opaque or mesh walls? How about a fully enclosed Sukkah vs one that is open?

Since you will be spending time in your sukkah with family and friends, look for one that will provide a space that is comfortable and also pleasing to the eye. Decorate it as you would your home!

Choose a company that offers a few style options so that you can have the look that you like! An opaque wall would provide you with a clean canvas on which to decorate. Mesh walls provide air flow and a great view of your surroundings whether it's a view of your yard, house, or even a view of a mountainside or lake!

Decorate in the way that best reflects your tastes. You can find beautiful tapestries for sale that can cover a large portion of your walls. Choose your design and hang it on the wall of your choice! Decorating your sukkah can be simple and easy too.

How Portable is Your Sukkah?

If you anticipate moving or traveling during Sukkot, a travel Sukkah kit may come in handy. Ensure that it is lightweight, compact and easy to transport.

You may also want to consider the portability of your main Sukkah if you anticipate celebrating the Holiday with your parents or children. Or perhaps you are all traveling for a destination Holiday vacation? If your Sukkah can be shipped to your house, then you can ship it anywhere!

Size Options and Customization:

Sukkah kits come in many different sizes. Make sure that the kit you are considering, comes in the size that works best for your space and for the number of people that will use it.

Some kits come in set sizes while others allow for changes. Your needs may change as your family grows or your kids move to their own homes. Choose a Sukkah Kit that can be changed year to year, to grow with you or downsize as needed.

If your space is irregular, you should consider a company that can customize so that you can maximize your space. Do you want the door on a specific side, near your patio door? Find a company like ours that can assist you in placing your door exactly where you want it!

Storage considerations:

Once Sukkot is over, where will you store your Sukkah? Live in an apartment that doesn't have tons of space? People don't often think about it, but it's an important consideration. If you don't have much storage space, pick a Sukkah that can be easily stored in a bag or in small boxes.

Customer Service:

Sometimes you need to reach someone when there is an unexpected problem. Make sure that the company you chose has customer service so that you can reach someone in a pinch.

A well-run company will stand behind their product and take care of you. You shouldn't have to DIY or run around to fix an issue. Choose a reputable company that truly cares about their customers' experience.

Customer Reviews:

Look into customer reviews to see other customers' experience with a particular Sukkah company. Positive reviews are indicative of a reliable product and a company that is concerned with quality and customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right Sukkah Kit for you and your family does not need to be overwhelming! Consider these recommendations and your family's needs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will you place your sukkah?
  • What climate are you expecting?
  • Where will you store it after Sukkot?

A Sukkah Kit helps you get ready for Sukkot easily, so you can enjoy the holiday. It helps you concentrate on important things like cooking, inviting loved ones, and finding the right Lulav and Etrog.