Sukkot 101: All You Need to Know About the Feast of Tabernacles

Do you know what Sukkot means? Learn about the historical origins in the Bible and about the modern customs and practices of Sukkos. You'll learn everything you need to know about the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot 2023 is coming up and there's no better time to learn about this important Jewish holiday!

What is Sukkot?

The Festival of Sukkot (also spelled Sukkos or Sukkoth) is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, usually falling in late September or early October. Sukkot is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles," “Festival of Tabernacles,” "Feast of Shelters,” and the "Feast of Booths."


Sukkos is one of three pilgrimage festivals in which the Jews would travel to the Temple in Jerusalem. The Sukkot holiday is a celebration of the fall harvest and a commemoration of the time when the Israelites lived in temporary shelters during their journey through the desert after being freed from slavery in Egypt.

Sukkah Decorations

As part of the sukkot holiday, Jews build temporary huts called sukkot , in which we eat and sometimes sleep during the week-long holiday. You can buy a personalized, easy to setup sukkah at The Sukkah Store!

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The sukkot holiday lasts seven days in the Land of Israel and eight outside of it. The first and last two days of Sukkot are a Shabbat-like holiday when work is forbidden. This is followed by intermediate days called Chol HaMoed, when certain work is permitted. In the Land of Israel Sukkot is one day shorter, and only on the first day is work forbidden.

Feast of Taberncacles

For seven days and nights, we eat all our meals in the sukkah and regard it as our home. We also wave palm branches and other natural materials and recite special prayers. The Sukkot festival is a joyous occasion, and it is traditional to invite friends and family to share in the celebrations.


Sukkot is closed with another holiday called Shemini Atzeret. Shemini Atzeret coincides with the eighth day of Sukkot outside the Land of Israel. Sukkot 2023 will begin in the evening of Friday, September 29th, and end in the evening of Friday, October 6th.

Now you’re all ready to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot!

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