Building a Sukkah

Learn about the Sukkot holiday, the Feast of Tabernacles, and the customs of the Jews who celebrate it! Sukkos is a festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years by the Jewish People. Jews all around the world continue to celebrate Sukkot by building a sukkah, decorating it, and shaking the etrog and lulav.

Building a Sukkah

Before the Sukkot (link to What is Sukkot blog) Jewish holiday, Jews build a hut called a Sukkah (link to What is a Sukkah blog) to eat and live in. You can either buy a sukkah or build one on your own.

Sukkah Decorations

Building and decorating a Sukkah (link to Building a Sukkah blog) is a fun and meaningful activity for the whole family before the Sukkot holiday! Throughout the holiday, all meals are eaten inside the sukkah and many people sleep there as well. Observant Jews are particularly scrupulous about the law of eating in the sukkah and will not eat anything outside of the sukkah throughout the holiday.

Feast of Taberncacles

Unless you’re extremely handy, and familiar with the intricate Halakhot (Jewish laws) (link to halakhot article) of Sukkot, your best bet is likely to buy one prefabricated and save yourself the headache. Benefits of buying pre-fabricated include:

·  Ease and speed of installation

·  Small storage size when not in use

·  Customizability to meet your specific needs

·  Possibility of expansion to accommodate guests or a larger family

·  Guarantee of quality

 ·  Certainty of kashrut (Permissible by Jewish Law)

Fully Customizable, Quick & Easy Setup, Expand at Any Time, High Quality Guaranteed!

The Sieger Sukkah is the perfect sukkah for the holiday of Sukkot. Made of industrial grade steel, The Sieger Sukkah will last you and your family for years! Fully expandable year to year and incredibly simple to set up, this is truly the perfect sukkah for everyone! Whether you’re a family of 2 or of 10, we’ve developed the perfect sukkah that you can call your own. And the best part? The whole sukkah fits in a bag, making storage a breeze! This Sukkah has people raving about it for the last 25 years from coast to coast!

The tried and tested Sieger Sukkah can be built in just 30 minutes! Amazingly, no tools are required. For people that live in apartments, the small storage footprint may be a critical factor. The modular form of the Sieger Sukkah enables you to build a sukkah according to the exact space you have available and maximize potential seating area. Growing families will benefit from the ability to grow the sukkah year-by-year. Materials are made of only the highest quality to guarantee durability for years to come. We have satisfied customers who have been enjoying their Sieger Sukkah for decades! The patented Sieger Sukkah is crafted with the industrial-grade aluminum steel and high-quality fabric mesh. Our responsive customer support is always happy to answer questions and help guide you to the sukkah right for you. If you enjoy handiwork and have plenty of time to spend planning the project, sourcing materials, and constructing a sukkah you may find DIY to be an option for you.

Sukkah Building Guidelines

Here are some basic rules to be aware of:

·  Is there a roof or tree over your intended sukkah location?

·  Make sure to leave small gaps in the schach! The view of the sky must not be fully obstructed. An easy metric for testing this is to verify that the stars are visible through the holes in the schach.

·  The sukkah must have at least two walls and a partial third wall. The walls need to be somewhat firm, not flapping in the breeze, so use boards, or well-tied fabrics.

·  The covering must have been harvested from the ground, not be food, and not have been fashioned into a utensil. Neither can it be a wide beam, such as the ones used for permanent roofing (generally about a foot wide). It must not have any use other than providing (imperfect) shade. So, repurposed building materials and 2x4s are out.

Ushpizin Etrog

Sukkot 2023 will begin in the evening of Friday, September 29th, and end in the evening of Friday, October 6th.

Now you’re all ready to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot!

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